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Bitrix with Mac OS 10.6.8?, Is there an app that will support this OS?
Good afternoon,

I am well behind the tech world and my "newest" machine is my Macbook Pro Core Duo 32 bit machine running OS 10.6.8.  I downloaded the Mac app from your website and, naturally, it was not compatible. I then submitted a support ticket (#982751) as was given a link to an older version: 3.3.7.  this version though is also not compatible.

I know my OS and machine are old but its the best I have.  Is there a version of the bitrix app that will work with a 32 bit intel machine running 10.6.8?

Thank you for your assistance;

Hi Geoff,

Please try to contact our Helpdesk with this question again - maybe they will find even older version for you  :) Thanks.


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