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How to disable annoying automatic update check in desktop app?

how can I disable the automatic update check of the desktop app?
It is fine that I can check for updates in the about dialog of the app
but I dislike the nagging "a new version is available" very much.

I did not find anything in the app settings, maybe there is some way
to do that via a registry key?

This is even more important in a corporate environment where the users
are not able to install new software anyway. I am surprised by this lack
of management features...

We do recommend not to ignore desktop app updates since they are closely connected with general app improvement & even more tightly with new features releases, so that when the web version receives updates the app may require update too.


I am not talking about clients who access your cloud business.

The USERS in a corporate environment I have in mind CANNOT update.

Not providing a way to suppress the constant reminder dialog annoys
both users and IT staff, costs money for unnecessary support calls
and generally does not leave a favorable impression of the maturity of your product.

It would not even require a GUI, a registry entry / config file option would suffice.
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