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Subtasks and Checklists - Android App, Why don't checklists show up on app
When creating a new task on the web based version of Bitrix you can add checklists and subtasks. When you view these tasks on the mobile app I am not able to see these subtasks anywhere. Is there any way of doing this?
Hi Paul!

This feature is not available yet, but we're constantly working on Mobile App modification. Thank you for the suggestion, we have put in a proposal to our Development department.

We also just had a big update for Bitrix24 this week, hope you will enjoy new features and possibilities! For more info please follow this link:

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Kind Regards,
Hello, Yana.

Has there been any news upon this topic?

We are about to implement Bitrix24 in our organization and one of the main motives is to be able to track our staff's tasks with checklists.
I after creating a test Task with an extensive checklist I was very surprised to not see those reflected in the mobile app.
Is this feature scheduled for implementatioin?
Thank you.

Hi Jean,

We are thinking about this option, but I cannot help with deadlines - maybe - though not sure - maybe we'll consider it for the autumn release. Thanks for the suggestion.

Kind Regards,

Hi, Yana.

Thanks for the quick reply.
I have little doubts that you'll be implementing it in the app sooner or later (there are no reasons to not do so and it's one of the coolest features to me in the tasks).
For what it's worth, thumbs up for Autumn if the dev teams includes it.

Great work, regardless. I am happily moving our processes into your platform.

Best regards,
Hi, I just started trialling Bitrix and was extremely disappointed to discover that the mobile app (testing on iOS, but clearly an issue on Android as well) doesn't provide this feature, even though it's been open for two years now. I even attempted to view the tasks via the web interface on my device as a potential, but the checklist doesn't render in mobile Safari (via the non-responsive UI, to boot), instead just displaying a "Please wait..." message. This is a critical feature for our team as we need our employees to be able to access and complete their checklists while on the move, but unfortunately for us, it's unusable in it's current form.
Even if the web interface worked, that would be an unfortunate, but acceptable workaround - but if there is no planned solution forthcoming in the near future, we'll probably have to resume our search for an effective platform, which would be a shame, because Bitrix appears to otherwise offer virtually all the functionality we wanted. I'd appreciate it if someone from your team could respond to shed some light on your plans in this regard.

Many thanks,
Hi Jean & Gary!

First, I would like to thanks you for the kind words on our platform. As for this feature - to be honest, I won't be able to shed any light untill late summer, I'm afraid, because the next Bitrix24 release is scheduled for this fall and the features roadmap hasn't been made yet.


Seriously?  No ability to actually organize or complete tasks in the app, and there is no ETA for it?  I can't believe I wasted three days setting up Bitrix only to find out I have essentially no control or ability to organize what a user sees in a job list.  I'll vote for this feature, but in the meantime, I think I'll be exporting my carefully entered data and taking it over to teamwork.  I really love all the features Bitrix offers, but if the basic functions aren't there(being able to give people an easy to understand list of the things they need to complete) it isn't going to be much help for managing a project.
At least if there was an ETA I could work around it in the meantime...
Yana, is there another update on this?  I see in the mobile app for IOS I have the ability to complete tasks, edit tasks etc but no ability to create sub-tasks.  Am I missing something or has this functionality not been put into the app?

We plan to introduce some improvements in the mobile app in this release (probably will take place in the first half of December) - but unfortunately not related to the subtasks feature yet. We keep this option in mind for sure. Thank you for your comments.


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