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Bitrix Outlook plugin, How can I uninstall the outlook plugin

I installed the bitrix outlook plugin and I just do not want to use it. I would like to uninstall it but I can not find it between the installed programs in the control panel nor at the outlok plugins.

If soomeone can help me out, i would be more than happy :)

We don't have any plugins for Outlook. Can you specify what your problem is? Thank you.

Hi Yana,

I downloaded a plugin for my outlook client to keep my calendar syncronized with my bitrix calendar and I would like to remove it because it is asking me to authenticate continously and if i do not do it, it is able to kill my client and I have to stop the outlook process in tha task manager.

Dear Kamilla,

Can you please give a link to this plugin (because I truly can't understand what plugin you are talking about, sorry) - or apply a screenshot ? Thank you!

you just need to remove Bitrix from Account Settings/SharePoint Lists.

When you uninstall Bitrix Desktop it doesn't remove this entry and you keep getting pop-up reminders to log in.

Once removed from SharePoint Lists you should not get any messages.
go in Outlook to File / Account Settings / SharePointLists - there you can remove it!
Thanks a lot  Thomas! :-)
This topic may cross with the other one - problem with Outlook continuous authorization form pop-up, please read hack suggestions here:

I tried the instructions above to remove the Bitrix24 Outlook sync.  Every few minutes I get the authentication window for Bitrix in Outlook.  I have removed the SharePoint data files but they keep recreating themselves.
Hi Alan,

Please go through steps described here. Thank you!


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