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Functions of application
1) Creating an application in marketplace (cloud version), I have available all API so when I using the php code in self-hosted version? Are there some limitations in cloud version by creating application from this view (with API)??
I mean, that in cloud I will be able to create the application with PHP code, so it gives me some functions as i would create in selfhosted version PHP code for example in business process?

2) How can i call the created application? It must be called only from the menu list (Applications) or can i create some button anywhere which runs the application or it can be runs in business process??
Hi Michal!

There is a difference between API for Bitrix24 self-hosted version vs Bitrix24 cloud version.
In the self-hosted you get the full control over the program code.
So you are free to create a new module, a new component, etc.
When creating a new app for the cloud version you need to use our REST API to communicate with Bitrix24 while your app can be written in any language and hosted on your server.

These apps can be installed only via the marketplace.
There is no way to use PHP code inside business processes in the cloud even via an app.

If you plan to use the self-hosted version you don't need to develop a new app.
You just can extend the number of available components, modules, gadgets or business process actions.
As far as the system is supplied with sources you are free to add any number of additional functions or even data types.

Bitrix24 Cloud  REST API HELP & overview

Bitrix24 Self-hosted API

Hope this helps.


Dear Yana thanks for your reply :)

But if I understand correctly it, I can make an app which will be simulate the business process? For example i can create some deal, than I can check some conditions and then update some company field. Am I right? :) Because the REST API give me acces to CRM elements, or Am I wrong?

Thanks a lot :)
Hi Michal,

did you test if is possible to develop an app for the cloud version that use REST API to apply changes to the CRM Elements? I saw that seem possible to create "APP action" (like docdesigner app do ) to be used in business process template.

Thank you
Edited: Massimiliano Di Lorenzo - 04/01/2016 16:58:05
Hi Massimiliano,

Sure, REST API for the Bitrix24 cloud version is available for the CRM part, please check it here.


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