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Developing an app to format Quotes

Our company would like to be able to utilize the Bitrix's Quote creation system, but we're not satisfied with the formatting of the quote when downloaded as a PDF. We were told that we could fix this problem by creating a Bitrix app. I've looked over the REST API, but I'm not sure where to begin. Are there any example applications or tutorials that I could look over that might point me in the right direction? Or could someone tell me how to get started?

What I am attempting to do is to pull information out of an existing quote (Products and Services rendered, prices, etc.), format this information, and then be able to export it as a nice looking document (pdf preferably), which we could send to our clients.

Any advice or direction would be appreciated
If no one can give me advice on how to get started, can anyone tell me if this is the right way to approach this issue?

-- Is this project possible? From looking in the API, I do not see any functions for retrieving the necessary data from the quotes section. Is this impossible?
-- Is this a reasonable way to achieve the desired results, or is building a bitrix app overkill, and there is an easier solution?
-- Is there any way to create separate sections for products as opposed to services, while still using the original Bitrix Quote creation system?

Edited: Noah Vito - 08/12/2015 22:59:33

Try DocDesigner. Unfortunately it doesn't support Quotes, but you can create it based on Deal or Invoice.
Thank you for your response.

We have looked into DocDesigner, but we'd really like to be able to use quotes rather than invoices.

Does anyone know whether or not it is possible to separate physical items from services rendered in a quote? If so, would it require creating an app, or not?
The quotes aren't accessible from REST API and not available for app. It depends from Bitrix24.
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