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Must be external application some specialized registered?
Hi everyone

I have two apps, one external and the second one internal. The internal one is working good. But the external doesn't. Even these two apps are the same.

I found example to external application:
I changed the config.php file, concretely: CLIENT_ID, CLIENT_SECRET, PATH. Thats all. When I run the index.php file, I run the application, but the application doesn't change anything. Concretely I have app for the adding a deal. When I registered this app I marked "Available as script only".

The second SAME application, which I run from the internal Bitrix, works perfectly.

Do you have any ideas, why the external same application doesn't work? It must be some specialized registered compared to internal?

Best regards,
Michal Kovar
Hi Michal!

As the app website page for the devs says - "If you’d like your application to be available to all Bitrix24 accounts, become our partner by filling out this form. If you want to create a private app for your account only, registration is not necessary." I'm not sure your problem is connected with this only or not, but registration for public apps is required. See more here.

In case you need tech help with app proper work, you can contact our Helpdesk.


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