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DocDesigner - creation of standard PDF documents using templates, Application is available in Marketplace
Helo all,
I represent HTML Studio, which is a Partner of Bitrix Inc. since 2007.
We create and develop different applications for Bitrix, including Bitrix Intranet.
Let me introduce you our new application "DocDesigner" for Bitrix 24.

DocDesigner - creation of standard PDF documents using templates

DocDesigner enables construction of an unlimited number of templates which can be employed to create standard documents (invoices, powers of attorney, orders, memos, statements, or other free format documents) that incorporate data from the CRM (Leads, Contacts, Deals, Companies).

Documents created can be saved and numbered automatically.

All saved documents are registered in a Journal of saved documents.

1. Templates

The number of templates is unlimited.

Any number of templates can be assigned to each type of CRM object.
One template can be assigned separately to multiple types of CRM objects.
For example, an "Invoice" could be assigned to "Deal" or/and "Lead".
TEMPLATE NAME - the type of the document to be created.
PAGE - document layout.
NUMERATOR - enumerates documents in accordance with the settings.
Automatic numbering is optional.
FILE NAME - a prefix for the created PDF file.

Each template can be expanded with any number of additional parameters.

All entered data are saved when the document is saved.

Addition/removal of parameters in the template results in addition/removal of the corresponding data in generated documents.

It is possible to change the parameters of saved document, save it again and print it with new data.

Each template itself is an html-table. A visual  HTML WYSIWYG editor with tools panel and context menu for parameters substitution in the body of the template is used for edition of the html-table.

2. Documents numeration.

A number of numerators in the application is unlimited. One numerator can be used with only one template. Automatic numeration is done by one numerator.
This means that if one numerator is assigned to two different templates, the documents made with these templates will be numerated one by one.

NAME – the given numerator's name, it is entered in a template.
NUMBER TEMPLATE - a set of default parameters for number formation.
{PREFIX} – a placeholder which will be replaced during document creation, this is an optional parameter.
{NUMBER} - a field for the number of the document, a mandatory parameter.
{YEAR} – the current year, an optional parameter
NUMBER LENGTH - if this parameter is greater than 1, then leading zeros will be added to any number so that the prescribed length is obtained, (e.g.  0009).
RESET NUMBERING AT THE BEGINNING OF THE YEAR – if activated, document numbering will begin at 1 for each year.
INITIAL VALUE - an initial value from which to begin numbering.

In its final form, numeration may look like the following:

3. Organizations.

The Organzation section contains the organization(s) in whose name documents may be created.
For the moment, only one organization can be created available.
All organization parameters are entered into the list (a name, identification numbers, bank details, etc.)
A logo or other image can be used in templates.
A common prefix can be set for all numerators.

4. Document creation.

The list of documents is formed on the basis of the template settings.

After choosing a document type, a window for the new document appears.
The window contains the main parameters of the deal, lead, or company (which may be excluded by choice) and the parameters, set during configuration of the template.
The document can be saved by pressing the SAVE button.
The document will be saved in the Journal, and all entered parameters will be saved.
If a numerator is used, the next number will be given to the document.
If there is no need to save the document, it can simply be printed out and closed.
In this case the document will not be registered in the Journal of saved documents, additional parameters will be lost and a number will not be given.
The document can be flagged for facsimile insert before printing.

All saved documents can be registered in the common Journal of documents.
In the Journal, documents can be viewed, changed, printed, or saved.
The owner of the document or a portal administrator can remove the document.
After document removal, its number becomes vacant. In the case that the last document is removed, its number is appointed to the next document.

So, here is the reward of all of our work!  :)

Is there a way to fix pagesize and/or add a custom PDF as a background instead of a single logo? I'm a bitrix24 cloud user.

Could you, please, explain in more details about Fix page - what does it mean.
We can add the choice of paper size - A4, A5. Do you need it?
We can also add the option to set the background with the help of an image. Will it be useful to solve your problem?
Edited: Alexey Andreev - 10/25/2013 10:12:52
Absolutely, I need to set a paper size and add jpg background without margins, it has exactly A4 size
A4 size is already set by default. You can choose portrait/landscape layout.
Which size (in mm and in pixels) of the image for background will be used?
Could you attach the example, if possible.
I use this jpg as background, its 185x272mm and 729x1072px, its used with simmetrical horizontal and vertical margins

Also, would like to know how to set margins. Thanks!

I've tried to apply background creating a big table of 1x1 with the http link of the image as background. I can see the background in the document wen outputing as html but not when downloading PDF
Hello, Germán Sosa

This is my template

This is my PDF result

There are three pages in PDF file. The image is on the second page. I don't know what the problem with it yet. I'll trying to fix it.

Using background:
Do you like this sample? :) This one was made by DocDesigner at developer version. Can you tell me your Bitrix24 domain? I'll add this possibility to your cloud for testing.
Amazing Job! My domain is Be sure i will be testing it.
Hello, Germán Sosa

You are welcome :)
Hi! The app is showing the background in the background tab but when creating PDF file the background is not there!

Also, would like to know if its possible to fix margins for every page not just for the first page using tables

Thanks Again

I can't simulate the problem with background. Can you invite me to your cloud for test it?
In fact, margins set to the entire document, not only the first page.
Sure, send me a mail with your address
Hello: I have the free version and tryed to do a template following the steps, but custom parameters show different. They show four columns:
IDNameParametr typeDefault
I saved a draft of my invoice, but I can't see it in my journal or deals or anything, so I can't edit it properly.
Can you help me?
Thank you.

Can you show screen with custom parameters in tmp editor?
Can you show screen where you cann't see the same tmp for fill doc?
I believe what is lacking is the ability to import existing PDF form into designer and map fields from there.
Trying to produce a sales letter to use with leads - cant find how to paste text to the template - do I have to type the whole letter again?

Cant make the pdf background work - what is the spec for the pdf ? is there a size limit?

Where is there more information on DocDesigner - is there a manual please? Its not easy to get to grips with when trying to do something fairly easy

You can copy your letter via clipboard and paste it via Ctrl+V.

You can set image file as background. Look here for example, we are make test with it and it works good.

More informations are available on
It seems I can only create one document at a time - How do I create a mailmerge document/sales letter?

There is no way to select a range of Leads to send letters to.

I cannot find how to set page to A4 everything is in pixels?

I cannot see how page break works either - does not look like it will work for the sales letters

Bitrix24 is lacking in letters to Leads/contacts where it picks up address and names and prints standard marketing words -

This is essential in a CRM - I am not sure Docdesigner is the answer to this shortfall of Bitrix24
There is no possibility to select a range of Leads etc yet. We'll think about it.
The A4 is standart size 210 x 297 mm.
You can use this code
<div style="page-break-after: always;"></div>

for pagebreak.
We'll think about picks up address and send emails also.
Can you give more information about "prints standard marketing words"? What do you mean?
Edited: Alexey Andreev - 02/22/2014 16:09:20
Hello Alexey, I need your help. I am not the techy type when it comes to back-end but how can I add a logo to my proposal templates?
Hello Kathrina

You can add the organization and set logo and put it into template via context menu
Thanks for the prompt reply Alexey. I followed your instructions and this is what happened.
Also, when trying to load an HTML or PDF copy of a sample proposal, it does not load. Can you please help me? I really appreciate it. Thanks.
Kathrina Fernandez wrote:
I followed your instructions and this is what happened.
Do you upload logo-image as tmp-background?
Kathrina Fernandez wrote:
when trying to load an HTML or PDF copy of a sample proposal, it does not load
PLease, open the brouser-console (F12). Do you see any script errors?.
Am I correct in saying that when using DocDesigner, to email a custom invoice template, I have to:
  • Create a new deal in the CRM
  • Go to DocDesigner > Deals > Select Deal & Template Type
  • Download a PDF of the invoice
  • Go back to the CRM deal and attach the invoice to a new email.
As opposed to:
  • Create a new deal in the CRM.
  • Click the invoices tab and select 'Create Invoice'.
  • Open the invoice (CRM > Invoices) and click 'Send via Email'.
Obviously, the second scenario sounds the most appropriate and easiest to perform.  The first method using DocDesigner ends up in the CRM > Invoice section to remain empty, rendering that tab useless in the CRM.

This can also get pretty messy when lots of information is available in the DocDesigner Deals, Leads and Journal section.

Please advise if I have got this right!
It just seems so cumbersome to perform these tasks.  The default Bitrix24 invoice template, although very basic, could potentially be a better solution if I could edit the header and footer sections of the template and create multiple templates for various use.  I don't think I can do any of that!!
Hi, Patrick
Yes, you are right.
The DocDesigner is a commercial product. At the moment billing is unavailable. We have another version with  DOCX-generation, sending any doc via EMAIL. All this abilities will be able after billing start.
Fair enough, but I think it is a BIG downfall for Bitrix24.  Like, what is the point in having Invoices integrated in the CRM if we can't use it? (cant edit the template, or even get basic details on it). Renders that part of the CRM totally useless and now we have to install an additional plugin (DocDesigner).

Could you explain what you mean by 'billing is unavailable'? Does this suggest that DocDesigner invoices will soon be integrated into the CRM itself?

Totally undermines the integrity of Bitrix24 for me.
Hi Patrick!
cant edit the template, or even get basic details on it)

You can edit invoices in CRM>Settings>Payment & Invoices> choose payment method >edit , we also plan to extend the "edit" options for invoices. Doc Designer is an alternative app that allows you to create verious docs inside Bitrix24, including invoices.

Kind Regards,

Hi Yana,

Wow... I must have overlooked this!! Either that or it didn't seem to do the job in the first place. Sorry for the misunderstanding.
I've tested it now and it is a better solution than DocDesigner, as in integrates into the Invoice section of the CRM.  However, the editability of DocDesigner (although not perfect) is very good... This can be used for additional documents.

I look forward to trailing out new edit features for editing Payment Methods in the CRM in the future.

This is just a note which might hopefully get passed on to a developer involved in the expansion of the "edit" options for invoices.  These are only my opinions but I'm sure they are shared by many.  I could probably think of others points too.

After taking the time to configure and use the Bitrix Invoices and Quotes, I find that the following features need to be added before we can use these features:
  • No indication on the PDF as to what currency the customer is being quoted/billed in.  Should either use our companies default currency or the customers currency.
  • Some of the fields filled out in " CRM > Settings > Payment and invoices " do not appear on the PDF at all.  (Such as Bank Details for "Bank transfer: Contacts";).  Confusing as to why the fields are there if they can not be seen on the document. All our invoices require these details.
  • No ability to sel ect which invoice template to use (e.g. Regular Invoice / Proforma Invoice and what language it should be in).  A simple drop-down to select a previously created invoice templates wo uld be nice.
  • Also would be great to have other custom fields where a value would be selected fr om a drop-down on the 'Edit Invoice' form. (i.e. Delivery Terms)
  • Separating "Invoice Notes" and "Terms & Conditions" sections on the invoice.
For now we have had to revert back to trying to use DocDesigner for our Invoices.  This is a pity though because it is frustrating to get correct details on the document.  For example, creating an invoice for a deal gets the contact name, but does not get the company address. I can create a numerator for the Invoice #, but can't seem to add it to the document itself. At least, I can't get these to work yet.  I'm still trying.

See my screenshots of both documents below.

I like the editability on DocDesigner (HTML designer and the right click to paste the value feature).  I know this is a commercial product but some sort of integration into the CRM could be a great move if it is possible.

DocDesigner is also great for different types of documents not including Quotes & Invoices.
Looking forward to seeing what changes are made when these features are updated :)

Edited: Patrick Keane - 09/25/2014 21:22:56 (replaced image)
Hello, Patrick

Can you describe each trouble on DocDesigner with screens? You can send all questions to I will try to help you with DocDesigner settings. You can post all questions here also. May be it will be usefull for other users as FAQ :)
Hi Alexey,

To be honest, I have steered away from DocDesigner.  If I get a chance in the future to have another look at it, I will and I will ask some questions but for now I don't really have the time.  I had problems with some values not appearing on the template.  Although, maybe I made a mistake on which {value} to choose.

The main reason I have given up on DocDesigner, is that I have had the following error:
  • I had 2 companies, each with 1 contact.
  • Each contact had their own Deal. (So, 2 deals in total)
  • Using DocDesigner, I tried to download a PDF of the invoice for both deals. The first deal downloaded without problem.  The second would not download at all.  It was as if the button was disabled.
  • I checked both deals, contacts & companies to ensure the correct values were entered into the correct fields.   The only difference I found was the text in the fields (i.e. name, address, etc.).  Everything was filled out the exact same.  But I could not download one of the PDF documents.
Seems very odd to me...

So, I have figured out a way in which I can utilise the Bitrix invices and I'm happy to revert to that atm.
How do we buy this plugin please?

We are a self hosted customer.

Thank you.

Matthew Edmunds
Hello Alexey

Thank you so much for your help. There is another thing I have run into. In Doc designer when I am on the deals page and want to ad the deal to an invoice template the list cuts off on the top of the page and I cannot access the other invoices of our departments. here are two pics to illustrate the problem. I tried this in different browsers and no luck, can you maybe put this popup list in a scrollable tag so we can access the rest of the invoice templates. Int the top picture I clicked on the bottom deal and this is almost the full template list. On the 2nd picture I clicked on the first deal and the list cuts of at the 5 template. I cannot scroll up or down to access the rest of the list.

Marius Nel
We are trying to find the price for this plugin.

Kindly let me know how much it costs.

Thank you.

Hello Marius
I've been seen your mail. I'll try to fix it asap.

We have a version of DocDesigner for self-hosted Bitrix24. But it works on business process. Unfortunately we don't have any docs for it. If you want to try it, let me know.
Alexey Andreevwrote:
Hello  Marius  
I've been seen your mail. I'll try to fix it asap.

Matthew  ,
We have a version of DocDesigner for self-hosted Bitrix24. But it works on business process. Unfortunately we don't have any docs for it. If you want to try it, let me know.
Yes, we would like to try ASAP please.

Where can we download? What is the license price please?

Thank you.

Awesome Alexey
This is working perfectly now Thanks
Marius Nelwrote:
Awesome Alexey
This is working perfectly now Thanks

I still need the price for doc designer where can we download and use with our self hosted platform?


Thank you
Marius Nel,
You welcome.

Matthew Edmunds,
I have been seen you request. I need some time for final test. I hope that it will be done on next week. I'll let you know.
Thank you Alexey,

We need this urgently, kindly write to me directly in my corporate email  best regards,


I urgently need t his PDF tool for our self hosted Bitrix.

Please let me know if your plugin is ready and what is the license price please?

Thank you.

Hello Matthew

I remember about your request. I'm sorry for so long awaiting. It was released. But Bitrix24 realesed a new features as 'Disk' instead of WebDAV. We are working at the new version of DocDesigner with 'Disk' support. I hope that it will be done today. The cost of self-hosted version is $330.
Thank you Alexey,

Could you please contact me in my corporate email so we can arrange payment.

It is difficult to communicate here.

Please let me have your email address.

Thank you.

Hello Matthew

I sent an emait to you on April 18. Would you check spam?
Hi Alexey,

Sorry, no email from you.

It will be impossible for that kind of email address to get past ISP spam filters and it will get filtered at the top level even before it reaches my account.

Do you not have a corporate email address?  

Kindly try to email me instead on - maybe it will get through gmail to gmail.

Best regards,
Hi, can you please contact me on to discuss payment of self hosted version of Doc Designer?

Can I add calulations within the DocDesigner template? If wanted to give a 10% bulk discount on - say - 10 product items. I would love to create a Parameter "10%" or "EUR 100" and apply it on my net invoice sum ({CRMProduct:TotalSum}).

For example: {CRMProduct:TotalSum}x10% and then apply VAT to come to a new amount incl. VAT (similiar as below)

ProductQty Unit Price Total
1 2 € 5 € 10
2 1 € 10 € 10
Subtotal € 20
10% Discount -€ 2
Invoice net € 18
VAT € 2

When I use BITRIX discount facility in the CRM Order module, the discount applies to each produkt (line). DocDesigner then picks up the price after discount. It seems not to be able to work with a net amount prior to discounts and then have discounts applied to the total of the net amount prior to discounts.

Any chance to fix that?

Also, how coud I add invoice numbering to my Docs? I have tried numerator "numbers" (i.e. R_0001), but it won`t show up on the pdf.

Thanks for your help!

P.S: I left a similiar question on your (DocDesigner) website.
We are working on new version of DocDesigner where will be available kind of calculation like {Deal.OPPORTUNITY}*{Param}. I suppose it will be done in month or two.
Numbering: can you attach screen with numerator settings?
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