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MailChimp intgration, Seems very basic. Am I missing something?
Just tried out the MailChimp integration but doesn't seem useful at all. Not sure if I'm missing something.

The settings just ask for API key and 1 list ID and then you can see high level stats about that list inside BItrix24.

As a minimum what I was hoping for was the option to create a Contact list in Bitrix24 CRM and then save as a list to MailChimp. We would need multiple (maybe 10 or more) contact lists in Bitrix24 CRM that we would want to mass mail to.

The next step to make the integration really useful would be to have the results from MailChimp fed back into the CRM (opt-outs, opens, clicks etc)

I have seen this with other CRM and email marketing combos.

Hi Mick,

This integration has been developed by one of our parters and it's not yet finished. Do list all the features you'll like to see in the app and we'll forward your wish list to our partner. By the way, there are a ton more new CRM features coming within days - from phone call recording to CRM activity stream to Lead, Activity and Invoice reports

Kind Regards,

Hi there. I'm with Mick. What I'd like to be able to do is whenever I add an email address I'd like to have it added to my Mailchimp list/group of my choice.

I also saw in Mailchimp Mailer you can create a mailing list and send an email campaign but you can't choose your Mailchimp campaigns rather than having to create a template from scratch. That would ensure that any new subscribers would receive the most current newsletter.

On the Mailchimp integration plug in, I see an option to create a new mailing list, which is what I want to do.

However, I am unable to filter through ALL of my contacts in any way. When I click on filter, there's a loading box and then I'm just given an option of all 400+ contacts to MANUALLY go through and select.

Is there a way to filter the contacts by person responsible or contact type? Anything?

Hi Caitlin.

If you still interesting in Mailchimp+Bitrix24 integration, you can use our updated app — MailChimp mailer — integration with Bitrix24 (

We have added many improvements, including user filters etc.

You can read more about app here:

Best regards

Michael Heina
hi my name is Roger

i am having trouble getting my tamplates from mailchimp website to the mailchimp one did work but i tried make another one but its not appearing anymore

can you please help me ?

kind regards
Hello my name is Pierre,

I am having a similar problem that Roger Mitchell is having.

I have created a customised template in my MailChimp account, but I can't seem to either see it in MailChimp Mailer or to even import it.

Is is possible to import the template I created on MailChimp or do I have to create a new one on MailChimpMailer?
B24_9804550, Hello Pierre!

The "Drag&Drop" template type was deprecated by Mailchimp API. That is why you should change the type to "Code Your Own" (
Try to move your template to Code Your Own type.

1. Go on the template you want to copy and select "Export as HTML" (
2. Open the file in the simple text editor.
3. Copy the code.
4. Go to Mailchimp - Templates - Create template Code Your Own - Paste In Code (

Feel free to ask questions,

Thank you Michael for your fast response.

Yes I figured i could that. I was hoping you had a way for me, so I wouldn't have to do that every time, but that's ok. It is still a very good solution.

I appreciate your help. :)

Edited: B24_9804550 - 02/14/2017 19:04:07
Mick McGuinness wrote:
As a minimum what I was hoping for was the option to create a Contact list in Bitrix24 CRM and then save as a list to MailChimp. We would need multiple (maybe 10 or more) contact lists in Bitrix24 CRM that we would want to mass mail to.
Mick McGuinness, hi

We support this idea and at the same time we have templates automatically downloaded to Bitrix24 from the personal cabinet of the UniSender mailing service.

In our competitive application, you can make automatic statements on the status of business processes. And the statistics in a live tape-you will be shocked, you can see how a particular contact reacted to the newsletter. For Lids, who fall from the site, it works very cool.
C уважением, Алексей Окара, основатель Пинол- сервис выбора CRM
Hi. I just installed the free Mailchimp mailer application and I was wondering if the integration is 2-way or one way only. It looks like you can add Bitrix24 contacts to a MailChimp list, but you cannot create a sync so that new MailChimp subscribers would be automatically added to your Bitrix24 account. Am I correct? Maybe this is part of the paid version?
Thanks for your help.
Hello! You are correct, the sync of new MailChimp subscribers with your Bitrix24 account is not available in free MailChimp/Bitrix24 app. To get a full two-way integration between Bitrix24 and Mailchimp (with manual and automatic sync capability), you can subscribe for the extended version of "MailChimp mailer — integration with Bitrix24" (you can find the link for this subscription inside your Bitrix24 account, in the MailChimp mailer).


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