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How to Remove Marketplace Apps, specifically Doc Designer?, How to Remove Marketplace Apps, specifically Doc Designer?
Hello Bitrix Community Members,

I'm wondering how to remove a Marketplace App after it is installed? I've installed DocDesigner but do not wish to use it at this time. I'd like to remove it from my installation but cannot find an "uninstall" or "delete application" button/link. (Perhaps I've missed it.)

No disrespect intended to the author of DocDesigner. :)

Thanks for any assistance.
Hi Vernessa,

Please click settings icon next to MYWORKSPACE (on the left), than click edit (pencil icon) next to the Doc Designer app, choose Remove from My workspace for all users.
Kind Regards,

Hi Yana,

Thanks for your response.

I did as you indicated and that worked.  However, I noticed that the Doc Designer was still showing in the left-hand menu area, under "Applications" (below Marketplace) so that confused me for a moment. (It made me wonder if it was really uninstalled.)

What I discovered was that removing the app from My Workspace for all users does not actually uninstall it.  The steps below finally uninstalled the app entirely.  I am listing the steps below in case someone else has the same question and to remove confusion.

  • Click settings icon next to MY WORKSPACE (on the left)
  • Click edit (pencil icon) next to the Doc Designer app
  • Choose Remove from My workspace for all users
  • Next, click on "Marketplace" which brings up the Marketplace area tabs (Top, Categories, My Apps, Updates)
  • Clicked on the "My Apps" tab (see Doc Designer app showing a big delete button)
  • Click DELETE button and the app uninstalls itself
This process is a bit involved and confusing.  If I had not clicked around as indicated above, I would not  have known that the app was not actually uninstalled when I removed it from My Workspace.

Kind regards!
Hi Vernessa,

Thanks for your unistall app steps guide - I think other Bitrix24 users may find it helpful too. :-)

Warm Regards,

How can I remove the 'Marketplace' menu item altogether?

I understand if admins would have access, but all users seems to have full access to this by default and can install items at will!
Hi Brian,

I'm afraid there is no possibility for the Cloud users to hide the Applications option totally, each user can hide the menu items under this line, but not the option totally.
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