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Tasks: Support Agile, Kanban; improve ease of use i.e. Drag & Drop
Bitrix looks great but tasks could use a lot of work to be easier to use and support workflows for agile and kanban style project management.
See some of your competition at:

  • Simplify task input.
  • Allow for tracking an abstract time estimate.
  • categorize tasks as epics, stories, tasks, etc
  • compare task estimates with time took at the end of a milestone or sprint tasks are associated with
  • Drag and drop tasks to change order, to create and break parent child relationships.
  • Plenty of keyboard shortcuts
  • Deadlines for each task are optional
  • etc.
Feel free to ask more specific questions.
Edited: elliott davis - 08/15/2014 12:06:40
Hi Guys,

I'm looking into other alternatives to Trello which is WONDERFUL but lacks some features.... but a "Board view" with drag & drop is a must for us... is this possible/planned in bitrix?  Bitrix looks really cool and complete, but a kanban style board view would make it killer for us!  We are abt 50 users corporate.

+1 for Kanban. Could easily make use the tags feature or, of course, task statuses.
Thanks for the vote Geoff!


we would also appreciate a kanban and scrum solution for our developers in the tasks.
Is there anything planned for development?

I would also appreciate Trello Feature (Agile) To see that in Bitrix!
Also GIT for web-developers would be cool!

Thank you
Hi Manuel & Andre!

We have planned small tasks view update fro this late spring release, but it won't be kanban and scrum yet - we will consider this for future updates. Thanks fro sharing guys!


With Scrum and Git integration, Bitrix would be perfect for any software development company... As it is, we feel the need to have something like Bitrix + Jira + Helpdesk (liveagent) ..
Hi Miguel,

Thanks, noted.


+1 for a Agile Board within Bitrix. We're evaluating our Tools every Year and will test bitrix for a team, but for the dev teams an agile board is a must.
Thanks for your vote Alexander!


+1 for Kanban. Our company requires this for our development. Honestly, it's the biggest issue we have with deciding to purchase this.
Edited: Jeremy Simkins - 08/06/2015 23:40:17
Hi Jeremy!

Thanks for your vote!


Any news here? I would like to use drag & drop for the project management tool!


Hi Alex,

We have plans for the drag & drop option, kanban not scheduled yet.


Agile kanban was amazing improvement  
Thanks for the vote on this option, Gianfranco!


If you add the view projects and tasks in kanban, you can still beat many competitors!
Edited: Игорь Дмитриев - 01/02/2016 20:30:03
+1 this is a really nice feature to have with a task workflow. I hope Bitrix24 adds it soon. Thanks!
+1 for the Scrum / Kanban visualization, and +++++1 for the Project Management, meaning "Project" as a collection of tasks!
Keep up the great work, the overall enviroment is exciting!
+1 for kanban board with drag & drop!
+1 for drag and drop kanban too -- will shift money here rather than trello if it gets here...
+1 for kanban board
+1 for Kanban view for mails and tasks and crm with free configurable columns and swimlanes. And for the ability to answer out of a card back to the client or mail sender. So all information stays in the card. (Redbooth does this in the self hosted version.). Butt birtix is a much better solution in many ways, but lacks on this small things.
+1 for Kanban.

Jaroslav Jasek
Still no Scrum and/or Kanban as well as no Gitlab-Integration was the reason for me to not consider Bitrix for my next business project this time. It's almost 2 years ago this was suggested, you propably missed a lot of paying customers.
+++++++ 1 for better e-mail integration to Project Management (Tasks / WorkGroups)

Please implement Kanban board (+ milestones).
+1 for Canban. It could be a very strong alternative to JIRA
+1 for specific support for Scrum PM methodology.

Recommend the Bitrix team reads Scrum The Art of Doing Twice The Work In Half the Time before doing any development on this (ie, if team hasn't). That way you will pick up on the idea and you can use Scrum to build the new feature (and the rest of Bitrix) and do it faster! Haha. :)


PS - Any news here?
Edited: Drew Clifton - 11/14/2016 01:29:40
+ 1 for kanban! not only for Software, its for any Company! Kanban, priorities, states... you really did a good job and could be even better. go ahead with bitrix!
Kanban is an amazing addition to the CRM, this interface makes it even better and easier to use. Looking forward to see it in the mobile app. Good Job!
Add another vote for Kanban for Tasks
Agile tools like Kanban definitely wanted here!
+1 for Kanban for tasks
+1 Kanban Task-Board :) Ready for SCRUM :)
+1 for Kanban tasks
Many clients requesting for kanban in task. Don't just stop with the CRM :)
+1  The Kaban feature missing from Projects and Tasks is keeping us from adopting Bitrix24 as our go to solution.  Since the Kaban feature is already available in CRM, one would assume that this would have been published for Projects and Tasks by now.  Bitrix24 Support...I am ready to pay for this feature.  Let's do this! :)
Heard they are beta testing
watch here -     go to 48:30
**Disclaimer**  source was extracted by Bitrix and they have the right to change release dates and content.
Thanks for the info.  Looks great and can't wait to see it released.
This looks great !! Looking forward for a release in Cloud-Version !!!!
+1 for Agile
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