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Electronic Signatures & Tracking, Proposals with electronic signatures, tracking, and notifications
Have the ability create proposals and not send attached PDFs but attach a custom link to a branded URL that includes a proposal.  One can click the link (on any device) and open the proposal in their browser, review, select optional fees, download a high-res PDF if desired, click accept and sign off electronically.  Have the ability to track metrics and get notified when the proposal was opened and approved.  We are working with this application and improves sales cycles.
Creating a quote is prior to adding an invoice and paying it. We are going to add an external link for invoices only with the capability to pay them via that link.
I understand your note above and this is after the acceptance of the quote/proposal.  Streamline the quote/proposal acceptance process by creating an electronic signature and embedding it into a quote/proposal instead of printing, signing, scanning, and emailing the quote/proposal.  Speed up the sales process with electronic signature option.  Implement technologies that help the decision maker and your client base.  Thanks
Thanks Tim! Your suggestion makes sence for sure, though I can say now that we are more about accounting software integration plans for future, but maybe we'll consider adding this option to our service as well.

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