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Persistent chat notifications - desktop app
As we migrate to Bitrix24 we are phasing out our old internal chat system. While bitrix does way more than our old system, there is one BIG feature for us that is missing.
We operate many terminals where there is not always someone watching the screen. On our old system, when a chat came in, it would pop up in its own window and stay there until closed. This made it easy for people coming back to their computers to see what they missed at a glance and not miss the little "1" on the tray icon.
What we would absolutely love is if there could be an option to make the chat notification boxes stay up until dismissed. They don't have to be their own window like our old system, your small notification boxes are nice... they just go away too fast.
Is this possible?
Hi Scott,

Thanks for the feedback. We'll think over this.

Any development on this?

We currently use Trillian as our internal chat system and it is great.

Just starting to move the company over to Bitrix and would like to use the chat system already integrated and stop using Trillian but need the notifications on screen to stay there until manually dismissed. This is very important for us.

In Trillian you have an option to hide notification after a certain amount of time, we set this to infinity.

Im specifically referring to the desktop app

Edited: Gareth Turner - 12/29/2015 21:42:01
Yes, we still haven't converted because of this hold back. It is a common feature in chat programs. With all that bitrix does in feature development, I'm not sure why we can't get anywhere with this.

Really this feature request is one of the easiest you can get. The desktop program code already has a value for notification length. All that is needed is for that value to be made variable based upon a preferences option.

I know you guys are busy with other great features but a few minutes here would be infinitely appreciated.

All the best,
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