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CRM Ribbon
Is there was a way to
  1. Hide icons not needed, even though you have access to them.
  2. Rename buttons, e.g. we don't talk about deals, rather prospects.
Thank you
Hi Rhys!

we don't talk about deals, rather prospects.

We use leads for prospects, and if you talk about deal probability - it is deal probability status (special field in the deal's form).

Hide icons not needed, even though you have access to them.
Several Menu icons from the left-side menu can be hidden, use setting icon next to My Workspace line to do that. Or do you suggest other icons?

Hi Yana, for us, a lead is something like, "I may be interested in a printer, please come and see me." or "Hey I heard ABC trading is looking for a printer, why not go see them."  Once the lead is qualified and we start working on a quote, then we convert to a deal, but for us this is what we call a prospect.

I know it would be different across different organisations but that is the way we do it, that is why I am saying if you look at the ability to rename the icons in the top ribbon that would be nice.

The Icons I am referring to are the ones along the top.  We do not use the invoicing section at all and seldom use the quote section, I know that if a user has not got rights to the section the icon is hidden, but as an administrator, these icons do not hide for me.  And when working on a laptop the leads and report Icon's fall under the more section.  A minor annoyance, but a nice to have.
Hi Yana,
Very much interested to hear your feedback on the topic of "renaming the icons along the top." raised by Rhys. I have a similar problem as we are a much smaller business and I would like to use quotes for something completely different.
Many thanks for your input,
Dear Rhys and  Lukas!

The "rename" option is not currently supported (for the CRM module menu tabs like leads, contacts, etc.). We'll consider this feature request. Thank you.

Hi Guys

I think it is important to understand the difference between a Lead and a Prospect - they are not the same;

A lead is an entity in your target market and is defined as something you are marketing to - normally as a one way conversation

A Prospect is an entity you have engaged with and there is a dialogue happening - they may now have expressed an interest.

In my CRM a lead is nurtured and turns into a prospect but is converted to a contact and a customer when a there is more certainty that a sale will result and therefor a deal needs now
to be tracked with timescales and stages tracked.

leads in Bitrix therefore in my instance can also be prospects - the confusion happens because the USA uses the english the othere way around stating that a prospect comes before a lead.

In the UK it is always Lead then suspect then prospect then client.


>In the UK it is always Lead then suspect then prospect then client.

That's why they need to allow a rename of the icons.  We are a non-profit working with members, not employees or clients.   In the US a "deal" might also be called an Opportunity.   Here "deal" has a somewhat negative connotation so most firms have moved away from that name   "Suspect" even more so.  
+1 on renaming and hiding crm buttons. We're also an NGO, using Bitrix mainly for our communications department. This means we're not really selling stuff, but we make use of the crm's contacts, companies (our media contacts) and "deals" (which is more "media project with a specific company or contact"). Would be of great help, if I could rename/hide specific buttons.
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