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Date of most recent activity field
I was surprised to learn that there is no way to sort contacts or leads by the date of the last activity associated with them. Can you add a field that shows the date of the most recent activity associated with the contact or lead? Alternatively, you could allow us to select an option that causes the system to update the "modified" date every time a new activity is associated with that contact or lead. This is a common feature in many CRM systems and is a very easy way to see which contacts or leads haven't been contacted lately. Is this a feature that is already planned and just hasn't been rolled out yet?
Hi Tyler!

This feature is not planned yet, we'll think about it.


Please add my vote to this. You already have the "modified" option in the list view but it does not function the way that most users would expect. Simply make "modified" update the date based on any lead/deal activity created by the bitrix user and this will function. Otherwise, add a new option and name is "last activity" which would have the same functionality that I just mentioned. Thank you in advance. This is pretty important for lead management.
Does this feature added in Bitrix24??? Very Important feature. Thanks
This is an essential field to maintain a productive list. the ability to sort, find or refer to the last modified, last activity or creation date is key to handling lists of contacts that may have elements of time restriction or time essential actions.

I cannot stress how important this feature is to myself and my organisation, and a CRM that lacks this function is of little real use.
What is the status on adding this feature? We are currently evaluating alternatives and will likely be moving to a different CRM platform if Bitrix is unwilling to add this simple but much needed functionality.
BTW CRM Activity Stream cannot help with this? It can be filtered by "activities" in case you want to avoid CRM record bound messages.

In the lead (contacts, company, deal) details page you have Activities and History sections as well.


When this will be implemented?
Hi Andrey!

This feature is not scheduled for the upcoming releases, maybe later.


Adding my support to this request
It'd be really good if Bitrix24 can include the "Last Activity Time" in the list views for the Company, Contact & Lead. Zoho has it and it's really useful.

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