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Integration with Box

Just a suggestion. Has Bitrix24 considered integration with Box ( or Dropbox for file storage as an alternative to using the native storage system? Other project management software such as Teamwork also has this capability.  
Hi Edwan!

We've added  an ability to upload documents to Bitrix24 from external drives, such as OneDrive, Dropbox and Google Drive (more on the way).


Hi Yana

I'm just trialling Bitrix24 but am a fan of and would support Edward's suggestion. However, I've just tested your Dropbox integration and was disappointed to see that you don't actually leave the job of storing the file with Dropbox - so if I want to reference the same file twice in Bitrix, it will actually upload 2 instances of the same file!

I suggest your team look at how TeamworkPM integrate into their system - the file isn't actually uploaded into Teamwork, it remains within Box - which has to be the right approach.
Hi Andrew,

The Box integration has been added as well. We'll have a look at your sample, thanks for sharing!


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