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Google Maps integration - showing leads, contacts and companies on map

After testing several CRM systems, I found yours as very comfortable, intuitive, fast and easy to use. Only one functionality is missing compared to what we need - Google Maps integration - showing leads, contacts and customers on map. Although this function should not be such a nigthmare to develop and can help several customers for using your system, it seems to me it is completly missing in your system.

The best integration I have seen in another application can show contacts on Google map, click on the pin with contact and turn on the navigation (of course also to show contact details).

Can you please give me the information if you plan to add this kind of Google Map integration?

Thanks for your care and have a great day!


+ 1 vote for this kind of functionality - any answer would be great, thanks in advance!
I vote for this
Hi Jiří, Marian & Arthur!

Thanks for the suggestion & votes.


I vote for this  ;)
+ 1 for this.
yep +1 on this!
I vote for this...
The best way how to integrate it should be the automatic map positioning to the address data given in Physical Address fields.

BTW: In the Product Catalogue section there is a possibility to add custom field (Product properties) "Bind to Yandex.maps" :-)
+1 Vote
+1 on this functionality request
+1 for this feature..

This option should allow you to position the pin and not base it on the address only, many countries (such as ours), addresses and real location do not match at all, especially when the address is not in English so spelling is also different between reality and google maps..
M K wrote:
This option should allow you to position the pin
Sure - pin positioning is more precise and probably also easiest (just defined by GPS coordinates).
From the end-user point of view this function should try to place the pin by default at the given address with option to move/correct it ;-)
Please + 1 vote for this functionality  
+1 for this!

@Yana Prokopets (admin)
Its been over a year since your 'Thanks for the suggestion & votes.' comment. Would this feature ever be considered? How many more +1 votes before you would consider taking action?

+1 vote on this functionality

Any update of the progress?

~Thank you for a great CRM, don´t stop making it the best!
+1 vote,   Id like to be able to add street view as well with a click.  Its pretty useful two other crms I use can do this but they still don't compare to bitrix.   So bitrix should stay ahead of the game.
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