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Alternative Currency Selections and Conversions, Currency symbols, multiple currencies per project, currency conversion and reporting
Our company is based in the State of Qatar (Arabian Peninsula).  We do business in all of the G.C.C. (Dubai, Bahrain, etc.) Each country has it's own unique currency, currency symbol and valuation.  We have clients and suppliers in the Eurozone, Balkans and US.  On any particular project we will have suppliers of services, equipment and materials from multiple countries. Expenses are tracked in the individual currencies and converted to Qatari Riyals (QAR) for sales and project budget monitoring and reporting.  Our quotes and invoices show the payable currency and the QAR conversions.  Purchase orders, Expense accounts, Airline ticketing may be in multiple currencies.  I realize that incorporating a majority of the world's currency symbols (like MSExcel is able to do) would be a burden on your programmers.

1.  Does Bitrix allow the end-user to create currency symbols?
2.  Does Bitrix do ad hoc currency conversion and if so, between any two selected currencies?
3.  Does Bitrix allow the end-user to create custom invoices, quotes, etc. which would include a column for the payable currency and another for the (QAR) comparison?

Thank you for your time and consideration.
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