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Be able to set Extranet workgroups visible and open to join for all *intranet* users, Currently, settings "Visible for all" and "Public group" are always unchecked for Extranet workgroups
Usecase example:
We'd like to collaborate with customers and partners in Extranet workgroups. Customers and partners would be Extranet users. Colleagues would be Intranet users. So far, so good. But we'd like most of the Extranet workgroups we collaborate in to be visible and open to join to all colleagues (Intranet users). That's where things go wrong at the moment.

We were happily collaborating on our Bitrix24 pilot in a workgroup called Bitrix24. Our local Bitrix24 supplier suggested to change the group to an Extranet workgroup so they can read along via their extranet accounts. Sounded like a great idea and a way we would like to be able to collaborate with partners/customers/suppliers in the future indee

Not all my pilot members joined the group at the moment we switched it to an Extranet group. Everybody involged was surprised to see the intranet pilot users were unable to see or join the workgroup themselves after the workgroup was placed in Extranet. So I had to uncheck Extranet so I could make it "Visible for all" and a "Public group" again.

We expected the workgroup to be invisible and not public to other Extranet members but all intranet users should be able to follow along.

So what we'd like is:
  • Use workgroups to bridge between intranet and extranet, as they currently do.
  • Collaborate as a group in the workgroup Bitrix24 with colleagues via intranet and our Bitrix24 implementation partner via Extranet.
  • Have groups visible for all intranet users, unless we unchecked "Visible for all".
  • Have other intranet users join the group as they please, unless we unchecked "Public group".Unfortunately, the visibile/public checkboxes disappear as soon as we choose Extranet.
Having Extranet users join as an intranet user was proposed as a solution by Bitrix24 in TID#601726 before they asked me to submit this feature request over here but that has other disadvantages of course.

Please note I'm not asking for a entirely different concept of the Extranet, just keeping the options that become read-only at the moment we choose "The group is available in extranet": "Public group" and "Visible to all". Some groups will indeed be invite-only. And some, like the one we created to collaborate with our Bitrix24 partner, can be visible to all intranet users and joined by any intranet user that is interested.
Hi Patrick,

We are wondering if this feature was ever build. We are currently struggling with the same situation, we want to create an extranet group that also has the option of being either a private visible group or a public group. However, when we enter that it's supposed to be an extranet group, it automatically becomes an private invisible one.
As far as I know this is still not possible. If I check "The group is available in extranet", the options "Visible to all" and "Public group" are greyed out.
Thank you for your reply. That's unfortumate, it's quite a limitation.
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