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Add Contact from Business Card picture - mobile, Easily add your CRM contacts by open up the camera and shooting a picture from a business card on your mobile app.
Lots of contacts to manage... this is a general problem. Especially when you have a public conference or a fair trade, you collect a lot of business cards.
It would be a really good feature if I just can take a snapshot with my cam and import the informations here.

I represent a Bitrix24 partner. We are developing an app for responding business cards and creating a lead from it.
How many cards would you response a month?
What is your natural language?
Can you provide us some examples of business card image?
Hi there!

Depends on your position. I would say roundabout 30 cards a month is a fair average.
My natural language is german.

An example.. hm, that is surely a complicated thing. There are so many different styles. You can have a look at google search:
Ok :)

I have taken it

There is a result

Is there everything alright?
Congratulations. Looks great 8)

Your mapping works. The result may differ from style to style, but I'm sure the users still can edit the fields manually after the scan.
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