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Idea for an addition to Tasks (and another), When using my Bitrix24, I came up with a few ideas that would be really useful additions in my opinion.
Hi! I really love using Bitrix24, it gives my small indie company a lot of help where the management is concerned, since we're all so far away :)

I'd like to propose an idea for "Tasks". I'd appreciate the addition of this feature immensely. Here it is:
  • The addition of a "Turn-In" feature/parameter with each task. What I mean is, let's say I give my artist in the company a task called "Create a Logo". If this function existed, in the task creation parameters I would check the "turn-in" box or something of the like, which would require the employee to submit a file, or specific response when he finishes the task. Everyone with access to the task would have access to the file, and then the creator would be able to get the file and accept the finishing of the task if he deems it satisfactory. This is the feature that I would like the most, and believe will be really useful.
The main feature request aside, here is something else I would appreciate:
  • Quizzes! It would be really awesome if I could quiz one of my employees with something to make sure that they are well suited for an upcoming task, or if they've been doing their work ;) This one would be really cool.
Thank you! I really would like to be able to use these features in the future; they would facilitate my job a lot, and would make things a bit funner :)
It's been 10 days, so I guess not? X'P
Hi Jose!

Thansk for your kind words, and the interseting suggestion - we'll think about them.

Meanwhile - you may have noticed we added several workflows - maybe you can find them helpful as well. Maybe you will find the blog post on how to use business process for document approval useful as well.


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