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Comment on file and PSD preview
Hello! I just switched to Bitrix24 from Box and a few other apps, and so far I'm quite pleased. Some things that I miss about Box are the abilities to:

1. Comment directly on a file. In Box, when you click on any file, it opens up a preview window, and to the right is a list of comments. New version upload markers also show up inline with the comments chronologically, and if you click on those version upload markers, you can view those versions, so if you want to track the progress of a file you can see the complete timeline with comments in context. (If Bitrix24 has some totally different way of doing these kinds of conversation timelines, I'm all ears, but regardless file comments would be fantastic.)

2. Preview .psd (photoshop) files. We work with these heavily, and while it's impossible or impractical to edit them in a browser interface, it was really nice to preview them. So if my artist uploads a new version of a file, I can easily look at the improvements and leave my comments.
Edited: Alex Whitt - 06/13/2015 01:59:30
I noticed that wiki pages can be commented on directly, so commenting on a file directly is certainly apropos. Good to keep things consistent across all "data types."  
Additionally, Box also had thumbnail previews of images (including .psd files) in list (or "grid") view. I noticed that you guys have a "tile" view, which does include thumbnails of basic image types, but I would also like thumbnails in "grid" (list) view.  
Hi Alex!

Comment directly on a file
We had this option before, but disabled it together with the disk update to avoid confusion for users who still can comment on the file inside the message where it can be attached to.

We'll consider other suggestion as well. Thank you.



Ah yes, I did notice that inside a task with the file attached, the file version changes appear inline with comments on the task. So looks like it's just a matter of getting used to having those conversations at the task-level rather than the file-level. Thank you for the reply!
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