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Ability to create call, and metting request., able to create call with different outcomes and incorporate them into Business Process
Hi. probably many of your costumers have strong phone marketing activities and that implies that we need to automatize the call center process.

It would be great to be able to add a phone call task to the activity tab via a business process. Also it would be great to be able to simple choose the outcome of that phonecall.

For example, the current option is to mark the task, phone call, meeting etc as COMPLETE or PENDING.

If I mark the phone call as COMPLETE i dont know if the potential client was busy and asked to call later, if he said "please dont call me again", if he didn't pick up the phone and the call center needs to call again within 2 days for example.

All these would be possible if we could set up different outcomes for a COMPLETED phone call. If you could also add a date field that would be perfect.

If you did this it would be possible, through a Business process, to automatize the whole call center new client prospect phone call scheduling.

In our case:
We have 4 stages in our leads processing (1 unsuccessful contact attempt ; 2 unsuccessful contact attempt ; 3 unsuccessful contact attempt ; qualified ; unqualified)
we wold create 3 different outcomes for phone calls
No answer -> set the next call for within 2 days and advance the lead stage to the next level.
Client Asked to call later -> call center could set up next call for a speficied date or would be set up for within 2 days (by default) and lead stage does not advance.
Dont call me again -> lead stage would be set as unqualified and no more calls for these client would be feed into the call center activitys.

If we could do this the call center would only have to focus on whats more important, making calls, and the phone calls they needed to do would be automatically feed into their activities tab and their lead stage progression would be directly depended on the outcome of those calls.

Hope you find this a good idea because for us would be a great feature.

thanks and have a nice day

Felling the same thing here, if that was possible we could make the whole stage progression automatized...

let me know if bitrix24 team hears your call :)

:) Thanks! some other CRM system you can choose a specific task feedback... being limited on saying if its completed or pending its just to little information to work with.

Lets hope our prayers are heard :)

take care
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