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Ability to upload microsoft project files to update tasks, Need to update project tasks on bitrix by updating microsoft project plan
Hi for the big projects, I will have hundreds of tasks with start and end date. In agile projects these tasks change a lot and therefore making multiple changes on the msp file is much easier that updating one task at a time on bitrix.

Please add a feature where the tasks of a project can be updated by uploading an update ms project file.
I have similar environment and would benefit if task changes can be done in a grid format. I wouldn't prefer uploading the new ms project file every now and then, but rather replace MS Project with Bitrix24 tasks.

The User interface of Bitrix24 task should allow updates to tasks on grid level rather than one to one, to make it easy for managing the task assignments.
@choksi: you can mark several tasks (in list view, not in gantt) and perform batch operations at the bottom... (move dealine etc.)
@zarif: there is some way to insert new tasks from a list (but I guess not update...) have to investigate myself.
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