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Rename "task" to "activity" for better expression of company goals., Activity is a better expression of our goals as a company.
I would suggest that Bitrix rename the "task" object to "activity". This would make the language of Bitrix consistent and reflect how people want to work on projects. I'm an old project manager and I found that my 20 something colleagues can relate well to the workgroups as projects, activity as tasks model.

Here is part of a message I just recently posted to our activity stream for the company.


Effective immediately I ask that we eliminate task from our company vocabulary.

If workgroup is project, then task is really workgroup activity. Activity is a better expression of our goals as a company.

Task is too closely related to chore, grind, and burden. As operations manager I want to contribute to activity, I don't want to assign tasks, and I don't want to do tasks.

Let's forget about task because we all understand what is task. There is no purpose in describing task.

Instead let's understand what is activity.

Activity is supported by the workgroup members equally and enthusiastically. Isn't it true that our activity is supported by at least two workgroup members? And two members may make a workgroup? Isn't it also a fact that Bitrix displays an activity stream which implies a natural flow of activity?

Activity has a purpose. And because activity has a purpose workgroup members contribute to their workgroup to make the activity a success. The success of the activity ensures the success of the workgroup, and by natural progression, the success of the company.

Thus, workgroup members desire to contribute to the workgroup activity because it has a purpose, because workgroup activity ensures success of the workgroup, and because there are at least two workgroup members who participate in an activity it is more enjoyable than working a task.

Thank you.
Edited: Jeff Ziegler - 07/28/2015 03:09:16
Hi Jeff!

That is an interesting suggestion indeed. Our "tasks" module hasn't been revised for a while already, we'll take this suggestion into account when will be thinking on the big module update.


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