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Business process needed features, two features that will help business process to make more sense
Hi !

so i just found out that business process cannot be run base on a date or a field.

1- I think we need to be able to run a BP every monday, or every 2 days, or every month.
2- We should be able to run a BP automaticaly when a certain field is changed. ( right now, any field you change will fire up a BP and the result is that multiple BP run at the same time for the same action )
3- A BP should have the capacity to affect multiple contact, lead, deal , etc at once. ex: a task will be created for every contact that live in a certain region. ex: a task will be created for every deal that is over 10 000$.

Whitout those feature, BP is usefull but not so usefull as it could be !

Thank you  
Right, I think putting the automatic "business process" is really important. The module is really very good, but with this lack of automation module is not complete.

Our customers we need that. In several CRM and other software all this automatically.

Please make the addition of this function very quickly, I think Bitrix24 will be even better with this option again.

Thank You.
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