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Help Desk in Cloud Version, Add FAQ and Ticket Opening to cloud version
I love your product. The new enhancements on Taks and Project management are great. The only thing I'm still missing on the cloud version is a Help Desk/Ticket system like Zen Desk. Any plans to add this feature to the cloud version?

With this feature Salesforce would be beaten.

The CRM system is great but as I'm not able to allow consumers to check FAQ and open tickets with their complaints or doubts there's still a missing part of the puzzle on customer support. Meaning I still need to use Zen Desk to handle it or as I'm doing today, I've to manually open and add a task based on the complaints and questions of consumers in Bitrix that will end up in an email to be sent to consumer and then closing the ticket and the task in 2 different systems.

I really hope to see this hosted version feature active in the cloud version. Then we'd have the best CRM in the market and we'd be able to centralize everything related to consumer in one tool.

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