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Single Sign-on Account with multiple User Profiles, For people who work for or with multiple companies in various capacities (i.e. CEO at Company A, Board of Directors at Company B, etc.)
I absolutely want to love Bitrix24. I feel like it is the best of breed for simple intranet solutions and the collaboration and communication features just keep coming.

What we have found confusing with Bitrix24 and what has prevented us from adopting the tool is the way you all handle the concept of ACCOUNTS vs. PROFILES.

We can’t really understand why it is setup the way it is and find it silly that these are not two separate items in Bitrix24. If a user elects to use the single sign-on feature, the selected sign-on address takes over and your profiles are merged (or perhaps all are deleted save the one associated with the single sign-on?) This means that if you are CEO of one company and Mailroom Attendant at another, you can only choose one title/profile to be seen across all company portals to which you belong. An extreme example, but obviously an issue.

We definitely want the single sign-on capability, but there really needs to be ACCOUNTS and PROFILES. Profiles should be connected to a specific Bitrix24 group/company instance. The single sign-on email address would be logically connected to the main personal account that would live above the profiles rather than replacing them.

Ideally, the setup would be something like this:
  1. 1. A Single Sign-on ACCOUNT with associated email address or username
  2. 2. Separate PROFILES for each workspace/instance each connected to the SSO account
      a. First Bitrix24 Instance — User Profile #1/email address/Job Title
      b. Second Bitrix24 Instance — User Profile #2/email address/Job Title
      c. Third Bitrix24 Instance — User Profile #3/email address/Job Title
This is the only way it makes sense for users who are members of multiple Bitrix24 instances, as each profile is likely to have a unique email address/job description/title/capacity, which relates to that specific Bitrix24 instance/company.

I found this post by Yana Prokopets, but it doesn't seem to be the same as what I am referencing. I think this response is meant for designers who set up Bitrix24 instances for multiple clients rather than users who work across multiple companies as employees, advisors, operators, etc.

You can:

- create up to 7 by default (request more at info (at) bitrix24 (dot) com) free Bitrix24 intranets under one login (same Bitrix24 Network ID) at
- create different Bitrix24 Network profiles (register with different email addresses) & create intranets - recommended for different companies if you are not going to keep the ownership of these intranets

Am I missing something? Does this set up already exist?
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are already using Bitrix24