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Forum improvements, Forum

It would be usefull to search the forum for all posts posted by the user.

I am trying to unsubsribe fr om all the emails I am getting and there does not seem to be an easy way to find where I am subscribed to posts except by going through them one by one.

I am still getting emails from posts wh ere I am not subscribed also

In Fact I am getting notification emails to topics that I am not subscribed to

in particular the CRM where I have new email today on topics that are new and not created by me or subsribed to by me

Where do I unsubscribe from new topics please?
Think I might have found the problem but not aware how I got there

Seems there is a subsription option to forum top level topics and I appear to be subsribed to CRM as well as few other

Not sure when or how this was set up but deleted them now and see if the emails now stop

fingers crossed
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