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More task sorting options, Eg: Sort by deadlines rather than workgroup
I like that we have the option to sort by workgroups, then choose additional sorting options after that.  But I wish that the initial sort had more options than just workgroup.  For example, on our old PM site, we were able to choose to sort by deadline, first, so we could see a daily (or even weekly) list of all our upcoming tasks.  This was enormously helpful when we were planning our weeks.  Right now, I have to look carefully at each work group to make sure I'm not missing anything.

I realize that the Daily Plan is sort of a workaround for this, but I have to manually add tasks to that which is tedious.  Also, it only shows me today, not down the road.

I would also vote for this feature!  It's easy to click on a task to see the workgroup, but it's a pain to have to open each workgroup individually to see the upcoming tasks.
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