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Feature Request: Document Signing (similar to docusign)
Bitrix needs document signing similar to Docusign or HelloSign.  Price it below $50/year and you will clean up in the document signing space and draw more people to the Bitrix24 Community.  To make it better than Docusign, make it easy to drag and drop the signed documents into a document database such as Dropbox or sel ect fr om a list of commonly used folders where the company stores its signed documents.  
Why DocuSign or HelloSign? They require additional payment for access to the API. We developed DocDesigner and almost finished integration with  Now we are thinking over the usage case.
Hi Alexey

The idea is we need a way to be able to handle Electronic signature to replace all paperwork.
Some of the ways we need to use this feature would be:

- Delivery of goods to clients, clients can sign for deliveries
- Customer satisfaction (we can give the client the Ipad to give us their evaluation)
- Service Forms (when we service clients who rent out products on monthly basis a Form to proves that our team was there and serviced their products.. so they can sign Service Forms for us.

At the moment all this is done by paper .. I hope we can move to E-documents soon and that the way to set it up is user friendly !

Ok. We made technical case with signing. For example, you got a request to sign from me and you signed a document. You and me got a signed document and audit trail. What shall I do with documents at Bitrix24? I mean a docflow of signed document and audit trail.

Hi Alexey,
I have been using your DocDesigner Paid version for a while. it's a Great App. I can't wait to use the Electronic Signature integration. Currently, im using the Docusign Manually!  When are you releasing the Electronic Signature integration? And your Google Chrom Extension for DocDesigner is not working Properly. it does not generate the Background Image where is Logo and company info, I have contacted with support but didn't get the satidfide answer. And your App inside the B24 is Slow!
overall the App is Really Great

Thank You  
Edited: MD Islam - 05/11/2017 23:45:20

We made a technical case with, but we don't know a scenario how it use. Can you describe your look?

Chrome extension: I guess it solution is  deprecated. We made application embeding and now DocDesigner is available from CRM lists.

Speed: we made some changes on server, I guess it should work faster now.

Hello Alexey,
Thank you for your reply. I have sent you a youtube link over the DocDesigner Support Portal to show you how we currently use the Electronic Signature and how we want it.

Thank you
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