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Notification Takethrough, Added feature to utilise notifications
Dear Bitrix-Team,

often I get back to my laptop at the start of a day of work and have plenty of notifications in my topright corner. So do many of my colleagues.
Some are more experienced with bitrix then others.

I would like to see the following idea implemented:

It would be nice, if there was a feature I would call "notification take through". The basic idea is to have a personal assistant on the bitrix plattform. Lets say I have 10 different Notifications.
The assistant would take me through them 1 by 1 and I could directly leave my input (e.g. answer to comments, like posts, change deadlines, etc.) you could simply skip notifications as well, of course.

The idea stems from my habbit to open all the different notifications with a "right click" --> "open in new tab".
I think this could be very helpful to people who are new to bitrix as well. In our business it would help extremely with organisation. Often co-workers and myself have a lot of notifications and progess in tasks gets lost, simply because users dismiss the notification without leaving any input or really "noticing" the changes.

I hope I was clear enough.
If this already exist or you have more questions, please dont hesitate to contact me.

Thanks! Have great weekend!
Hello! Thank you for your suggestion.


Need manual mark as read in notifications or change to mark as read after click on the notification message
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