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Upload file with Web Form or CRM Form
Hello !

It would be great if we can send files with CRM Forms.
Leads can be created with form submission and we could see the attached files at the bottom of the leads informations also for existing clients.

When we got a conversation with open channel with site Widget users can send a file, we can see the fil in Bitrix Chat, but if we have choose to create automatically the contact lead, file disappear, so bad :/

Thanks, I hope i am pretty clear, sorry for my english i am french :)
Hello! if you want to attach a file to a Web Form, first you need to create a custom field with type 'file' at the following path: CRM > More > Settings > From and Report Settings > Custom Fields for a CRM entity you need (for example, Lead), and then select this field when choosing entity for your Web Form. Important: when client fills in such field, the attached file can be found in the form of a created Lead.  


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