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Features: Better Microsoft Integration (, Windows 8, Windows Phone 8)
I'm getting my team setup with the service, and so far I'm very impressed. However, I do see a glaring, enormous weakness: little to no integration with Microsoft services, many of which are at least as good as, if not better than, their Google and Apple alternatives. My company is in the process of actively moving not just ourselves but all of our clients away from Apple and Google products, as the deep integration of services around a Microsoft account (SkyDrive, Skype,, Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8, particularly with Nokia's superb products) offers a unique and highly flexible, modern system that's both more open than Apple and yet more secure than Google (for what that's worth in the era of NSA spying, but that's another topic).

Specific wants:
1. 2-way sync with calendars.
2. Support for cleanly importing contact CSV exports
3. Native apps for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8, or at the least, a responsive web UI that works well on mobile touch screens
4. SkyDrive and Office Web Apps integration. Beyond the obvious benefits, it can also save Bitrix on disk space since users can bring their own.
5. Skype integration for chat/audio/video messaging

Beyond ourselves, we work with a number of clients who are currently investigating various CRM systems, and most of them now work with modern, Microsoft-based systems including Windows 8 tablets and touch PC's utilizing MS's cloud services. The better Bitrix can integrate with Microsoft's service offerings, the more likely we are to recommend and implement Bitrix's paid services to our clients.


Thanks Jason - it's very good to get a view of market professionals. On the whole, we do not get much demand for intense MS integration as you describe, There might be a chicken-and-egg problem here, in that we don't have this, so people looking for it move on without asking. I hope that others who want this will make a brief comment in this thread. BTW, calendars is probably going to happen.
Integration with SkyDrive would be very handy.
Hi Arthur!

Thank you for the suggestion, we wil put it to the developent department.

For more news update and feedback on Bitrix24 we also invite you to follow our Facebook page:  and Twitter:

Kind regards,
Windows 8 App and Windows Phone 8 app would be great as we are currently switching devices over and its going to be one of the factors we consider for which CRM we use longterm.
Hi Steven,

Thank you for the suggestions, we don't have plans for windows 8 app and windows phone app for the nearest future, but we'll think about it.

Kind Regards,

Please think about it : ).
Are there any ways to add a "bitrix account" on smartphones to synchronize contacts and calender?
Hi Wolfram,

Yes, please see this forum discussion on calendars sync (Apple; & Android via google calendar) & apple contacts sync  & this blog post - Synchronization of Bitrix24 contacts with mobile devices in Android

Kind Regards,


MS integration is something that interest us also.


We too would like MS integration, especially, contacts and tasks.


Thanks Chris!

New to Bitrix, just created the account and started to explore the features.
Everything looks great, but really a Windows Phone 8 app would be a must.

Consider this. If you have to supply a mobile device for every employee to be able to use bitrix, WP is the obvious choice pricewise.
iPhones are too expensive, and cheap Android devices are a total nonesense.
WP8 on the other hand, performs great even on low spec cheap devices. Not to mention the Office apps that you get for free with WP8.
I'd say that any manager on a tight budget would choose WP8 for his platform. I know that it is common to use cheap android devices, but I see the regret in peoples eyes after they've made that mistake. They have two choices, either switch to more expensive and capable Android devices, or just turn to WP8.

I really hope to see a Bitrix app for WP8
Thanks for yourcomment - argumentation B24_1378849! We'll take all of your arguments into account!

I have started using bitrix for the management of my team. We are in charge of a scientific journal and this service comes in handy. However, some of my colleagues (and me) use Windows Phone, and we miss the mobile app. Are you thinking about creating it?

Kindeste regards,
João Madureira
Hi João!

We were not considering the windows phone app development before as the market was not big and we schould really see the grounds to start develop any app from scratch. To be honest, the demand starts to grow now & we may consider the app development if the windows phone itself will take a sufficient market share or our clients requests will come in big volumes. Hope this makes sense. :)

Kind Regards,

Hi, you should consider Windows Phone, its the future, Microsoft rules in desktops and will try to rule in smartphones too, the last news about easy compilation of Android APPs to Windows Phone and new ROMS for Android equipments thats supports Windows too will change a lot in the business. In europe for exemple Windows Phone is growing faster than Android now! Im a Windows phone user and i hate the fact i cant have bitrix in my phone :(
Agree with Jason. We are a small business (15 people) who use MS Small Business Server and we make use of the LAN based MS Exchange Server. I am really battling to get proper integration with the following:

- 2 way email integration - so if I send an email from Bitrix it appears in my "Sent Mail" folder in MS Exchange Outlook client
- 2 way integration with MS Exchange calendar

Really need the "On the whole, we do not get much demand for intense MS integration as you describe" that Yana describes as not being needed. I notice that Jason's post was in 2013 - if these integrations now exists.... PLEASE somebody show me what is required. What preparations do I need to make on our Exchange Server to accept the Bitrix "calls" integrations. :-)
Me too! It's 2 years after this conversation, and I've just found Bitriz24. It's everything I've sought before but could never find. It has EVERYTHING I need for my team, such as OneDrive and GDrive integration, Facebook-style newsfeed, comments, and like, which are actually SEARCHABLE. Integrated chat, so you don't have to switch apps all the time.

All is great, except the Windows Phone integration.

As mentioned above, Windows Phone, especially with Windows 10 out now/soon, works great even in low-budget phones. Not so with Android.

So, Windows Phone app is a must!

Thanks in advanced!

To be honest, we don't have plans for Windows app for Bitrix24 at this very moment, if the market sistuation for windows phones changes - we may consider the app develeopment.

The MS Exchange Server Connector in Bitrix24 self-hosted version serves to synchronize calendars, tasks and contacts in the intranet from MS Exchange Server.


1+ for MS integration, especially, contacts and tasks. Also in the cloud version.

Jaroslav Jasek
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