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Why bitrix don't have user based questions/answer system (like Also I didn't find any new features suggestions/voting place like provides.

Guys, I thinks you would get much more quality ideas where to move forward with you product, just create good place for community to suggest you directions. Forum isn't the best possible tool :( But it's good that you have forum ;)
Hi Jaro!
We are currently working out our Community Concept, so the systems you have proposed may become quite a useful tool to provide our customers with a better service. For more news update and feedback on Bitrix24 we also advise you to follow our Facebook page:  and Twitter:
Please also check our Resources page:  and feel free to ask your questions here.
BTW, please look also on solutions like or ;)
Dear Jaro,

We have currently launced new Bitrix24 Halloween competition "My spooky workplace!" It's so easy now to get FREE 1-YEAR BITRIX24 PROFESSIONAL LICENSE! Leave your scary workplace photos in the comments! We will choose the winner on October 31.

Good luck!  

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