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Privacy, Privacy

i would like to know if i can add in Bitrix some meeting event phone call but keep them private to me even if the contact is accesible from my co worker.
Sometime i want to write some personal note?

maybe in the future you should give the option to add field by privileges like admin can add a field revenu only for admin

thanks for this great intranet
Hi Cyril,

Thank you for the positive feedback and for the suggestion also. I've passed it to our Dev Team. We will think about the extended access permissions functional.


Maybe each user should have a way to choose private or not when they publish something
I am sure your team will find a way to do it smartly this is a fantastic crm so far and we miss small stuff...
Great job
Maybe, good suggestion, thanks!

Happy to know you think so about our crm!


Hi Yana

I was looking to this option in group but I am not sure how to use it

What i want to achieve is executive management want to put task and notes on company/contact that only executive management can read
Manager can ream Manager and accountant (sub level)

modifiying task and conversation parameteres

if yes

can you let me know what we need to choose :

Executive management : can see all the task
Manager can see Office Management and Accountant
Accountant : only accountant

Also if Executive management want to show a task or a memo to everybody how to do it

Can we achieve it with that?
Hi Cyril,

This task can be solved by creating different groups - a separate private group for Office Management and separate group for Accountants, where access to different activities will be granted to different group roles (users - for open groups, group members, group owner, owner and moderators ).

In the group settings menu  - you can set access to tasks and conversations - please note that you will have to group users in roles (users, members, group owner, owner and moderators) - access can be set using these roles, unfortunately there is no option for individual access permissions (choose by user) and\or departments access.  

For example, if you need accountants to have access to make posts only, but no access to make comments to it - this can be set in conversations settings:
create posts - all group members (accountants and tops)
create comments - group owner and moderators.
In this sample your accountants are group memebers, your tops are group moderators.

Kind Regards,

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