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Feature request - forum like organized conversations
A more useful feature would to have "conversations"  set up in each workgroup organized more like a forum. When collaborating in mutiple projects it is difficult to find each topic by scrolling through comments.
Edited: Tamara Trammell - 02/22/2014 21:19:40
Hi Tamara,

Thanks for the suggestion, I've passed it to our Dev Team.

Kind Regards,

We really need this as well. With 200 people, it is useless to search for comments in threads we are interested in. This is NOT making our lives easier. Forums would. Thank you.
Hi Bridgette,

Thanks for the suggestion, BTW forums are available in Bitrix24 self-hosted version.
Kind Regards,

Seriously? That's a real answer? You are telling is to spend 10k for 25 users because the function we need is only on the self hosted version? Wow.

I have 230+ users so now on our cloud version, so start at 25 and add the user pack pricing, the time and hardware to install and support -- why was I considering Bitrix again? I forgot.

If that really is your solution to our real issue of being bogged down because we have no place for threaded discussions, ok. We'll go put together a simple joomla/kunena system with one of the social overlays like jomsocial or easysocial and call it a day. Might be much friendlier if you allowed us to link on the landing page of our site and that way we can have our forums.

Bitrix is great - for what it does. But, it's not a perfect solution for most of us here. A little more ability to customize would be really appreciated.


Dear Bridgette,

I'm telling you that we are thankful for your time posting the suggestion which has reached our developers & they would take it into account along with lots of others various suggestions from our dear clients. The reason I mentioned our self-hosted version is - first our users (you & others who read our forums) should know such possibility exists, secondly our self-hosted Bitrix24 is more powerful solution with lots of customizable sections & options to design a unique intranet - and we do have a lot of customers who really love it & prefer to manage their intranet in-house, that is why my obligation is to let the clients know this solution exists.

Nevetherless, you opinion is important & we'll take it into account for sure. Thanks for your time.


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