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Some Must haves
Hey Bitrix,

My goal when sourcing a solution for my company is to have everything in one place without the hassle of sourcing a developer.
I love what I have seen so far in the trial and would like to purchase the professional cloud based versions but here are some features that lead me to still require more than one tool to get the job done.

Set Schedules
This is a feature that I must have for both planning, managing, payroll and invoicing purposes.
This would be a set time frame that the employee can "Clock In" they will not be able to go over without being will be prompted to enter a reason as to why this would then trigger an alert for the supervisor to check and approve or deny the overtime.

I would still like to have the option for open schedules for the use of managers but this would be set by HR or Admin to give this privilege to sel ect employees.

The set schedule would be visible on a per project basis so within that projects work space.

Using the clock interface (Similar to amending your time) I see this as a simple addition, where the supervisor would open the schedule for that project and click Add shift then enter a start time and an end time.

Employees limited to a set schedule would only be able to start their shift at the set start time.

This should also be able to recur weekly for employees working 40 hours a week Monday - Friday for 8 hour duration this will save supervisors time by entering the schedule in and checking the box "Recurring weekly"

Strangely in Bitrix the HR tools are hidden from the cloud based version, I do not intend to purchase a self hosted version, is there any other way to gain these essential tools?

Another missing feature is the $ value of each worked hour per employee this means that the only option is to source another HR system or manually remember the pay grade of each employee.

It also seems that a lot of work has gone into the invoicing of the clients/customers but what about a payroll app.

This would basically mirror the invoicing section of Bitrix  and on each employee profile that employee has the ability to add there preferred payment method be it bank transfer via IBAN or Paypal, ect.

This information would go into a Payroll department again very similar to the CRM aspect of Bitrix.

At the end of each month a payroll manager would approve each employees total worked hours and this would go to the employee to approve or deny and if they deny the total they will need to write a message as to why "I worked 100 hours this week not 56".

The "My work space" section would need a "Payslip" tab so that the employee can see the currant status of their pay

Generated (Date the payslip was generated)
Waiting on Approval from (Employee Name)
Approved by admin (Admin Name)
Approved by (Employee Name)
Pending Payment
Paid Via (direct deposit, Swift, ect.)

The history of each payslip should also be stored here.

Holiday Requests
I could be wrong on this one but as it stands it seems anyone has the ability to add absences to the absence chart, if an employee would like an absence then perhaps it would be possible to check the schedule and select the shift that they would like to take off they could then request this day off and it would be assigned to their supervisor for approval.

Another great part about holiday requests is that each employee would be able to have a bank of holiday time visible by HR such as 15% of the total hours worked would be calculated automatically and HR would have a record of paid holiday hours available to this employee and of course the employee should be able to see how much time they have banked.

This would require employees to have the ability to choose between paid time off or unpaid time off when submitting the holiday request.

What the three components would add to Bitrix,
Having a set schedule allows project managers to have a timeline of coverage fr om point A to point B.

If all of the above were to be incorporated you would have an end to end solution for doing a daily shift, calculating both the work hours and $ amount earned, payment information and any scheduled leave making what already seems a very powerful app even more feature rich.

Like I said I am after an all in one solution, some may find the proposed additions above unnecessary others may agree please feel free to let me know what you think.
they could then request this day off and it would be assigned to their supervisor for approval.
this is available in Bitrix24 self-hosted version as a ready-to-use designed business processes, we'll think about this option in the cloud too.  

Thanks for all of your suggestions, just to let you know we are thinking about accounting services integration, but I cannot state for sure that it will be implemented soon.

Kind Regards,

HI Bitrix

I need to add the IBAN to the invoice in the free cloud free version. How can I do this?
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