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Create vCards.

One feature that would be rather useful would be to have a custom URL (like the one for the REST API) that would return a VCard file upon request, at least for Employees.

DOMAIN.Bitrix24/Employees.php?ID=EmployeeID (if generated dynamically)
DOMAIN.Bitrix24/Employees/EmployeeID.vcf (if generated when the Employee updates data as a static file - Which could perfectly be stored in Bitrix.Drive)

This would be useful in many ways:
- As links in webpages
- As links in email signatures
- As links for QR Codes in business cards (the QR code could also be generated automatically at the Employee data page to be downloaded and incorporated in the business card design)

Also, the general Employees page could have a link to download all (that could also be an URL to download them all as well)

Let me know if this makes sense to you.

Edited: Jean Queralt - 07/03/2014 08:11:31
Hi Jean,

Do you know about Bitrix24Network link like e.g.
Dear Yana,

No, I didn't know about it.

I couldn't check on your link, it says
The user profile is hidden according to privacy settings.

Dear Jean, sorry I've restricted it before,  please check how it looks like now. You can design & use similar.

Here is our blog post on Bitrix24 Network.

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