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Feature Request : Custom Localization Feature for Cloud Version, Custom Localization Feature
Dear Support,

I understand that Bitrix24 Cloud Version has a few different localization version for the GUI. However, they are limited to English, Russian, Spain.
However, our language is not within those mainstream language. Therefore, We would like to request for a feature that allow us to do localization on the Cloud Version. Bitrix can also use our translation to launch a new language feature.

I do wish that we can have that feature as this may draw a lot of attention of companies in our country as Bitrix24 is so great for SME. We are willing to pay for the Cloud Version but we still need the localization feature as our employees are not strong in English.

I do hope to have a good news from Bitrix team.

Thanks and Regards,

Le Quang Hung.
Thanks for your suggestion Le Quang Hung, we've come across such requests already, the point is we provide such opportunity for the slf-hosted versions, but for the cloud as you may understand with all the amount of our updates & integrated tools & scenarios we cannot translate it once & leave as it is, we need to make sure the product interface will be updated regularly, and most important that another language users will receive timely professional support in the language they speak. That is why our goal is to work with strong partners professional enough not only to translate, but also support the product after. Hope this makes sense to our users.

Kind Regards,

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