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CRM Contact Custom Records (not just custom fields), Custom CRM Contact Record
Good day,I am new to bitrix and still trying to get my head around some of the concepts.

Is there a way to create a custom record of custom fields i.e. for example.

I would like for each contact to have multiple custom records with Account Number, Account Type, Account Balance. So far I created custom fields with the option Multiple:Yes, created a custom tab "Accounts" and added my custom fields to this tab and the output is not formatted nicely. It comes out this way:

Account No:1001|1002|1003
Account Type:DemoLive| UnfundedLive |Funded
Account Balance:50.00|150.00|250.00
However I would like it to come out in a tabular format with each row having linked Account No, Account Type and Account Balance, just like how Invoices, or Quotes do

Account No                  Account Type     Account Balance
1001                            DemoLive           50.00
1002                            UnfundedLive    150.00
1003                            Funded              250.00

Secondly, is there a way to make a custom tab the default view for not just the user who created it but for all users?

Edited: blessed tabvirwa - 11/04/2014 18:25:10
Hi Blessed Tabvirwa!

I see what you mean but I'm afraid such extended customization is not currently supported, but we have plans for 3-rd parties accounting services integration for 2015.
is there a way to make a custom tab the default view for not just the user who created it but for all users?
Rignt now there is no such possibility, but we may add it later.

Kind Regards,

Thank you Yana Prokopets for your feedback.

Would you know how I can find out which template is being used to display the custom tab, so I can create a custom copy and customize it to display the way I want in a tabular format? If I can get this done then I don't mind creating the Tab for all the users we currently have while we wait for the planned 3rd party integration.

I tried looking at the templates for,, and crm.control.panel with no luck.

Kindly point me to the right template files for this one if you can.

Thanks and Regards
These templates settings are not available in Bitrix24 Cloud version. You can edit only in CRM>Settings>Custom fields>add\edit field - field types available now - string, list, date, etc. ; from settings inside contact's details page, you can edit the field names from the contact form itself (with the pencil icons) but you tabular format is not supported.

Thanks Yana,

We have the self-hosted version and I have not managed to get help from the website forums and thought since they are the same product I could get answes faster here, which you have done so far much better and faster.

How do I do this in the self-hosted version?

Alternatively if this is also not possible at the moment with the self-hosted version, how can link my own custom component e.g. say i create a that displays this html table? i.e. is there a way for me to then create my own tab to add to the existing tabs on the CRM component or how can i use the custom tab created via the Bitrix backend to show the custom component we wil have developed?

I see, can you please share your bitrixsoft question link with me? Thanks.
Hi Yana,

I have forwarded our email correspondence with the support person who has managed to assist us to get to this stage, to as well as to your email address.

Dear Blessed!

We have just replied you via email. For other forum visitors who may be interested in the same question - this possible, but complicated to implement – a special code must be written to allow such interface look.

Kind Regards,

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