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Extranet Analytics
From what I understand the analytics module, at least for the self-hosted version, is very powerful. Does it already take into account the extranet stats, and if not, how do we go about configure it to be able to do that, if possible?


Hi Oleg,

As you probably know the Web Analytics module handles with sites(portals). Extranet is an additional site inside the system, and all extranet users visit it via the url like http://<your_intranet_domain>/extranet/. But your regular employees that have access to the Extranet (to the workgroups available at the Extranet actually) have access to these workgroups via the general site (http://<your_intranet_domain> ). So the statistics of employees belong to the general site, and statistic of extranet visitors to the extranet site. Keep this in mind when using the module.
Thank you. But I'm not sure if you've answered my question. How do you track all of the analytics to the extranet site? Is this info part of the analytics module or does it not get captured for anyone who's not an employee?
Disregard please, I verified this myself and it's including the extranet analytics
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