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Sending mails from CRM will not arrive at recipients, Sending an email from the CRM will be shown as successful in the activities list but will never arive
Users are connecting their clients with IMAP Connection to the Bitrix System with 'Mein Arbeitsplatz->Mail' and everything seems fine.
Mailcounts from the inbox will be shown correct in the mail menu.

Sending emails from the CRM e.g activitieslist as new mails, do not arrive at the recipients. Wheter for internal mail adresses nor for external.
There are no hints for an error, futhermore the messages are proper displayed in the activities list.
Hi Harald!

Please contact our Helpdesk for the self-hosted versions BTW if you're using Bitrix24 Germain version we do have great partners available - they will ahve with installation & configuration.


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