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Can Bitrix24 Do This?, Please Help with ideas & suggestions
Hi There,

Owner of Web Bus here, and a client is looking for a system to do some-what of a similiar system for the following:

LOVE Bitrix24 - I have used it before for different purposes, and I believe this can be achieved, and achieved well -

Please can anyone help, offer ideas, suggestions and ideas as to each point below - what can / can't be done with Bitrix24.

I realize some of these things may not be possible at all and some may be - please let me know full details.
Thank you so much kindly in advance

client side:
1. team creation
   info: team name, team email, password
2. team profile page
   info: project name, short description, long description,
   actions: file submission, deleting the submitted file,  (if it’s an image, display a thumb nail, and display full image on click), private message channel (administrator can have option to flip a message
                 and say it’s public question,  then the private message will be marked as public and grayed out.
                 and inviting new members to the team
3. individual member registration
   name, email, and password
   other profile properties (created from the servers/administration side )
4. public area
    raising questions,  looking for other team members.

Server side:
1. team list.
    view all information of the team in a list view. columns: team name, member count,  registered date
2. member list:
     view all information of the team in a list view
3. view team profile page
4. view member profile page
5. send broadcast email to all teams
6. set date for checkpoints/milestones
7. create a game jam instance, with starting and ending date, and top prices for 1,2,3rd place
8. view all ongoing game jam
9. create/modify/delete evaluation criteria (UI, gameplay, art, creativity,etc)
10. invite people to review the game by clicking on the rating buttons or filling in a number
11. archiving finished game jam. (becoming one new node in the past game jam page with a customer label, e.g. 2015 Spring student game jam )

We do have great partners in different regions who’ll be happy to assist:

The cost of licensing Bitrix24 through a partner is the same as purchasing from us directly, but partners also offer value added services that we don't, such as training, consulting, integration and customization of Bitrix24.


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