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CRM - Contract Management, adding custom fields to manage contracts and reporting on them
I would like to add information on my current prospects and possibly leads, specifically who they are currently contracted with.
I have created custom fields for 'current provider' and 'contract end date'

I can enter the information and it works well.
I need to be able to report on this.

I want ot be able to run a report that will display the prospects who are due to come out of contract in the next 6 months so that i can have the sales team re-engage with them.

Is this possible?
Do you have any add in modules, or partners who have developed a contract management piece for the CRM functionality?


(Self hosted version)
Hi Yana / Forum members

Is there any feedback on this one?
Would be a really great feature to add to future releases - contract Management (dates,values, competitors, products used etc).
This is a necessity of a CRM system - not just contcat management, but they have with your compnay and when renewals are due.

Hi Shane!

Please consider - three of our great partners on your choice:

CloudXchange (New Zealand)      
+64 212 836 660

Phone: 0114 4000 010    
Location: Sheffield, United Kingdom

Phone: +31 (0)13-7620150
Location: Tilburg, the Netherlands


Hi Shane,

The answer would be a State-Driven Business Process (workflow) that runs on each of your CRM Contacts (or wherever the contract data is kept). State-driven processes basically never end, and you could have them turn fields on and off and send notifications when, like you said, a contract is coming due.
Feel free to contact us:  
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