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What benefits you found moving from Cloud to SelfHosted?
Hello Friends,

Can those individuals share and discuss here in detail, what benefits did you find moving from Cloud to Self-Hosted.

Also what CRM were you using previously. Did you find Bitrix CRM comparatively much better.

I am trying to understand benefits in going for a Self-Hosted, or not to inject/invest in the CRM / SelfHosted

Please advise suggestions friends, highly appreciated
BTW  - you may find this Cloud vs Self-hosted version blog post (see comparison chart inside) useful.


Any discounts offered possibly?
Also if wanted to check the demo of functions we have in Self-Hosted.. how can we do it..
Do we need install the self-hosted in some server for Demo even?
I recommend to contact one of our partners, thay will do a demo & get all of your questions answered.

(just in case you would like to install yourself- the free 30 days trial can be downloaded to your server here )


I look forward to hear from the individuals / customers too please..
Any Self-Hosted customers, share your thoughts / views
Hi Owais,
Based on what i read in the pdf comparison chart, one of features who can help our company to take a decision to purchase is missing on hosted version.
The feature is the "Mailbox with your own domain" aka Bitrix.Mail in Cloud version, that feature is missing and that is what taking us out of On-Premise deployment... we have around 500+ users and honestly our preference is for Hosted version because of high level of customization, more flexibility on backup, etc.

We advise you to test the cloud mail option first - it may not be exactly what you mean by "Mailbox with your own domain". The web mail is in fact a mail connector.  
Hi Yana,
I have a cloud version trial account, i have give a try and i saw the Bitrix.Mail feature who really captivate my boss, but when we give a try to the hosted version, the feature wasn't there more... and this is not ok for us. bellow captures represent the difference we are talking about.
mail_hosted.jpg (140.33 Kb)
mail_cloud.jpg (243.36 Kb)
Edited: IMELE Thierry Valery - 01/25/2016 19:50:42 (path to my computer were clearly exposed)
I see, what I mean is that in the cloud the mail option is in fact a mail connector, after you've connect it to your cloud Bitrix24 & will click on Webmail - you will be redirected on a separate web page (not inside Bitrix24 interface) where your mailbox will be available. Also - you will be able to create new mailboxes for your employees - mailbox name & password, but won't be able to manage the mailbox from Bitrix24 intranet. You can test the option with mail addresses on your test cloud account.

Please note that we do have a certified partners worldwide who will be happy to help.


Mine has been a horrible experience.  I started on the Free version, then I purchased a Professional subscription but still found it limiting as I wanted to make my own web forms.  I was advised to go to BizPace.  So I purchased that, and support from a gold partner in NYC.  Since then I have not had a fully working site without errors, I've been able to do a demo for clients, however since it has not configured properly...not everything worked.  Already over a year has gone by, my subscription of updates is expired, and it has been unusable, I wasted money on the license, AWS hosting, and support cost.  
At least the cloud version is reliable despite it's limitations.  Support from these resellers who don't know anything has been a nightmare and waste of time and money.

Do not do it, use cloud or look for other solutions there are plenty out there.

PS.  I am still waiting for a resolution to this and it's been since March 2nd since I contacted the Gold Partner and I still don't have a running site.  It should take only an hour to wipe the instance, and setup a new image.  
Hi Pat!

Could you please contact us via email with details - partner name, Helpdesk tickets numbers, etc. We would like to clarify the situation. Thank you.


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