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Help Desk - Escalation Process, escalation notification processes for tickets
Is it possible to implement an escalation notification processes for tickets within the help desk module to achieve an SLA measurement
Perhaps make use of the workflow engine to determine result actions like create extra activities or auto responses
Hi Alex!

The workflow engine cannot be used for the Helpdesk module.
Email notifications can be set to inform on a ticket changes.
You can also use system agents to extend the number of available email notification templates.


Hi Guys,

How is it possible for me to merge the Helpdesk with the CRM feature? I saw online that it can be done but i have not been able to accomplish this task. I have been exploring the helpdesk feature for sometime now and i am trying to modify some fields but when i select the create new ticket option it takes me to the site explorer page how can i address this issue have anyone encountered this before and care to share some information of how i can achieve this i would be very much grateful. Thanks in advance for your assistance.

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