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Set Read Permission for Bussiness Process After Completed
How to modify set "Read permissions" for user after a request BP completed?
There is some missing about User Read permissions of  BP Request and i want modify this?

Can you give me script PHP code to do this ?
This very important problem, please help !
Edited: Anh Nguyen Duc - 07/22/2015 10:20:54
There is a good example of this in the built-in process called "Leave Approval".  If you open that workflow in the editor ( - you'll see at the bottom left that there is a Set Permissions block that allows the "Bookkeeper" access. Simply insert a similar block at the end of the process and the builder to find "created by" as the user granted permission.  
Edited: MAKE Interactive - 07/22/2015 20:23:50
Hi MAKE Interactive
I'm using  Services ->  Bussiness Process . I don't like that( my url  when use editor is )  . So, i don't see Set Permissions block at the bottom left as you guide .

The are some requests  of This Bussiness Process  lack of some  user for read permission  and I want update.

Thanks for support !
Edited: Anh Nguyen Duc - 07/23/2015 06:03:20
The Set Permissions block itself is in the list of actions on the right under "Other".  I would highly recommend that you update your self-hosted Bitrix24 and that you get these processes installed (they might not just appear with updates in some cases) so you can substitute them for the now-obsolete Business Processes menu section.  If you don't know how to do this, a Bitrix partner such as ourselves can.  

Also, it is quite useful to have a testing instance in the cloud for things like this. Although I would recommend building complex workflows in your regular environment, since migration can involve correction of custom field references.  
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