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Self Hosted Trial, Missing 'Administrative Workflows' process designer and updates, The trial version sent via download link seems to be outdated (2011) perhaps this is why sections built into the Cloud version are missing?

My manager has installed the self-hosted version of Bitrix. (version 15.0.13 in the footer) However we are missing at least one major section that appears in cloud trial version.

Once logged into the Cloud Version within the left side-nav we see Company -> Administrative Workflows which we've used to create new workflows with the designer there.
Once logged into the Self-Hosted version the Administrative Workflows page is missing. Yet using workflows is still expected throughout the system.

At first glance I thought maybe updates where needed where I found that the version is very out of date, one timestamp said 2011. Also updating the version and modules seems to be disabled.

Is there anything we are missing in order to replicate the Cloud version's functionality for our proof of concept with the self-hosted trial version?
Edited: Ben Racicot - 07/27/2015 23:13:47
Hi Ben!

The workflow templates are available in the self-hosted version as well, please make sure you have updated version of the intranet (module). Also note the workflows should be available from the Activity Stream>Processes. (please check if you have them enabled in Intranet Settings)


Hey Yana,

I was able to agree to the Licensing terms and thus able to make updates!
However I got this error:
The module intranet updater 15.5.4 error: [UCDF02] The path "C:/Bitrix/www/bitrix/updates/update_m1438266529/intranet/insta­ll/wizards" does not exist.
. The module intranet update installation interrupted. [CL04] Module update failed.

UPDATE: I ran the update twice, back to back, and finally have everything installed.
Edited: Ben Racicot - 07/30/2015 17:40:16
Hi Ben!

Good news, in case you'll face any other issues with updats\installs - please report them to our Helpdesk directly. Thank you!


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