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Discovered Errors, Discovered error in backend
when I tried to run system check (via control panel - settings - system check - intranet operability check, configuration check) It showed me a lot of error in intranet operability testing and configuration testing .... Can you guys help me and tell me how i should solve this problem or if these error will be create any problem.
Error.PNG (114.11 Kb)
error1.PNG (104.26 Kb)
Edited: talha kazi - 08/12/2015 08:33:42
Hi Talha!

First, we recoomend to use Bitrix Virtual Appliance at to automatically optimize your server for Bitrix24. If you don't use Virtual Appliance, some features may not work on your server properly.

Bitrix24 can seem overwhelming at first so if you’d like
a demo of the product, need help with setup or have any questions, we do have
great partners in different regions who’ll be happy to assist:

The cost of licensing Bitrix24 through a partner is the same as purchasing from us directly, but partners also offer value added services that we don't, such as training, consulting, integration and customization of Bitrix24.

or you can contact our Helpdesk for the self-hosted versions.


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